Team Beachbody Coupon Codes (UPDATED MONTHLY)

Team Beachbody Coupon Codes. Huge sale on Beachbody products. Updated every month!Let’s be honest right now, there are NO Team Beachbody Coupon Codes that you can place in when you order a Beachbody product. HOWEVER, Beachbody does offer several ways for you to save money on popular workout programs like 21 Day Fix, PiYo, Insanity: MAX 30, P90X3, Focus T25, Shakeology, and many other Beachbody products.

Additionally, as a Team Beachbody Coach, I can offer you exclusive additions that are not available through nor through Amazon. For example, when you order through me, you have access to:

  • Beachbody Challenge Packs
  • Reduced Shipping
  • And FREE Exclusive Team Beachbody Workouts

You could try searching online for FAKE Team Beachbody Promo Codes, or just check out your options below to save money right now! You won’t regret the money you will be saving by taking action today!

Team Beachbody Coupon Codes: Table Of Contents

  1. Monthly Sales From Team Beachbody
  2. Top 5 Selling Workouts!
  3. Always on Sale: Team Beachbody Challenge Packs
  4. Shakeology Promo Discount Coupon
  5. Limited Time Products

Monthly Team Beachbody Sales – January 2017

These are the current Workout Programs that are on sale!






Click on the image below to check out the Challenge Packs above!

Compare Challenge Packs that are on SALE!!!CLICK HERE to Check Out All the Programs Above & More!

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Top 5 Selling Workouts!

While Beachbody offers several different workout programs that will get you amazing weight loss results, these are the top 5 sellers that people keep going to in order to lose weight!

1. 21 Day Fix

The 21 Day Fix was created by Autumn Calabrese who is a celebrity fitness trainer, busy mom, and national-level bikini competitor. Autumn came up with the 21 Day Fix when she noticed that her clients were not getting the weight loss results they desired. After having lunch with some of her clients, she realized that they were not getting results in the gym because they were eating way too much…

Yes, they were eating healthy foods but the amount of food was TOO much. One could say that they were HEALTHY OVEREATING. In order to help her clients start losing weight again, she created a portion sized meal plan which is now available in the 21 Day Fix system.

The 21 Day Fix program offers color coded, portion control containers to help keep track of your food intake. There’s NO counting calories and NO keeping track of fats, proteins, and carbs. Instead you get a large list foods that you can place into every container. Plus, several recipes that are easy and quick to make.

You also get 7 workouts that offer a modifier for beginners and are only 30 minutes each! These workouts provide not only cardio for weight loss but also resistance training so that you build lean and sexy muscle.

And here’s the best part… the 21 Day Fix is only for 21 days and many people have lost up to 15 pounds in the first round… And of course, you can keep repeating the program until you lose the weight you desire…

Order 21 Day Fix!


2. Insanity: MAX 30

Insanity is one of the most popular workouts Beachbody created because it’s a intense challenge, doesn’t need any equipment, and you get insane results in only 60 days… So, how can you make Insanity better?… Make it shorter!

Insanity: MAX 30 is only 30 minutes a day, has over 150 new moves, only 5 days a week, and the goal is to push yourself as hard as you can so that every day you go a little longer to increase your MAX OUT time.

Additionally, MAX 30 offers a low impact modifier, which is perfect for those who are not ready to go insane. If you choose the modifier in MAX 30, you’ll have a split screen while working out so that you can always see the modifier during the whole workout.

And of course, you get a complete Nutrition Guide to help you lose weight and to provide you with the energy you need to keep MAXing OUT. In a short, 60 days, you will get INSANE results…

Order Insanity MAX 30!


3. Focus T25

Focus T25 is truly the beginners workout. Focus T25 is not as intense as Insanity: MAX 30 nor 21 Day Fix. Instead, Focus T25 is a beginners cardio workout program for those who have a lot of weight to lose and haven’t been very active for a while.

Focus T25 is only 25 minutes a day, is a 10 week program, and offers a modifier to keep it low impact. Like many of Shaun T’s programs, Focus T25 offers excellent music and is very encouraging.

Like the 21 Day Fix, you’ll need some dumbbells for a few of the moves. Focus T25 does come with a resistance band if you don’t have any equipment yet. And the Focus T25 Nutrition Guide is also super simple. It helps you create 5 meals a day, with 5 ingredients, and with only 5 minutes of prep time.

Order Focus T25!


4. P90X3: Acceleration

P90X is by far one of the most popular in home workout programs ever created. Even years after it’s release people are still talking about it. P90X however, has been called too long. People wanted to get ripped in only 90 days but no one has time for 1-hour workouts… Then enters P90X3

P90X3: Acceleration is designed to get you the same results like the long P90X program but in only 30 minutes a day! You’ll use the same equipment as before but Tony Horton has set up P90X3 so that it helps you get results even faster than before.

Best of all, you don’t need to go through P90X nor P90X2 in order to do P90X3… Like most of the other workout programs here, P90X3 does offer modified moves when possible. And of a course a complete Nutrition Plan to help you get amazing results.

Order P90X3!


5. Cize: The End of Exercize

Not everyone likes to workout and many feel that the workouts above may be too boring for them. Well, here’s a great dance workout created by Shaun T. This is Shaun T’s 3rd dance workout after Rockin’ Body and Hip Hop Abs… So he knows how to make a workout fun and how to teach people to dance…

Cize is only a 4 week program, you get 6 workouts, and each dance workout varies from 30 to 40 minutes. Plus, the Nutrition Plan offers delicious and mouthwatering recipes so that you will stay on track on eating healthy.


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Always On Sale: Team Beachbody Challenge Packs

Save money by ordering a Beachbody Challenge Pack!One of the reasons you can’t find a Team Beachbody coupon is because Beachbody is already offering most of their products at discount through Team Beachbody Coaches like myself. Yes, you can find Beachbody products through Beachbody themselves or even through Amazon… Yet, you will not be able to find this next discount anywhere else online.

I’m talking about Team Beachbody Challenge Packs. As you can see above, new Challenge Packs are always going on sale every month… However, Challenge Packs already offer a HUGE DISCOUNT compared to buying Shakeology and a fitness program separately.

The reason Shakeology is combined with a fitness program is because Shakeology review after Shakeology review has shown that people get faster results when they combine the two, Shakeology and working out. Plus, Shakeology helps with curbing junk food craving and having an insane amount of energy… Just check out the Shakeology reviews below:

Depending on the fitness program you want to order, you could save anywhere from $30 to over $100 when you buy your fitness program and Shakeology together! Often, you can even get the workout for FREE or close to free just for ordering Shakeology! Here are just some of the amazing workouts you’ll get to choose from:

  • CIZE
  • PiYo
  • 21 Day Fix
  • 21 Day Fix Extreme
  • Insanity MAX: 30
  • P90
  • P90X
  • P90X2
  • P90X3
  • Focus T25
  • Tai Cheng
  • TurboFire
  • Body Beast
  • Hip Hop Abs
  • 10 Minute Trainer
  • Brazil Butt Lift
  • ChaLean Extreme
  • Les Mills Combat

Compare Team Beachbody Challenge Packs below to find the one that you’ll love to do!

Compare Beachbody Challenge Packs!

Notes on the Team Beachbody Challenge Packs…

1. 30 Day Free Trail in the Team Beachbody Club. The Team Beachbody Club offers several benefits such as:

  • 10% off all future Team Beachbody purchases (including Shakeology).
  • Instantly stream over $3,000 worth of world-class workouts with Beachbody on Demand.
  • Enjoy access to all fitness guides, nutrition plans and workout calendars.
  • Get exclusive sneak peeks of Beachbody’s newest programs, and additional Beachbody On Demand exclusive workout content from some of Beachbody’s most popular celebrity trainers.
  • And much more…

However, some people prefer not to have the free trail… If you Do NOT want the free trail, you can now remove this option as you’re ordering your Beachbody Challenge Pack. Simply Click on “Remove Club”… The image below highlights where to remove the 30 day free trail.

How to remove the Free Team Beachbody Club Option

2. Monthly Auto-ship. When you order a Beachbody Challenge Pack, you will be placed on Monthly Auto-ship for Shakeology. This option cannot be removed at check out and it’s because of this option that you’re able to save so much money on the Challenge Pack. However, if you do not want Shakeology on monthly auto-ship you can cancel at any time by calling Beachbody at 1 (800) 470-7870.


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Shakeology Promo Discount Coupon

Shakeology Coupon. Find out how to save money on Shakeology without a fake promo code that doesn't work!As you probably have guessed, based on this page, there is no Beachbody Promo Code to save money on Shakeology. In a article titled: Shakeology Coupon & Discount, I went over in detail how there is no such thing. Instead, you can only save money on Shakeology if you do one of the following:

  1. Order Shakeology with Monthly Auto-ship
  2. Order Shakeology in a Team Beachbody Challenge Pack
  3. Order Shakeology as a Team Beachbody Coach
  4. Order Shakeology as a Team Beachbody Club Member

Outside of those 4 options, you’ll have to pay the retail price of Shakeology. Trust me, I have searched online to see if there was such a thing as a Shakeology Coupon and there wasn’t. Instead, all those coupon sites simply direct you to the Shakeology website without applying any discount.

So, if you want to save anywhere from $12 to over $15 on your Shakeology order, make sure to order Shakeology with Monthly Auto-ship. If you DO NOT want to save money on Shakeology, make sure your “Order Type” is “One-time order only”… Get Your Shakeology Below:

Order Shakeology Now!ORDER SHAKEOLOGY

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Limited Time Products

Les Mills

Les Mills combat on Sale for a limited time!Not too long ago, Beachbody combined forces with the Les Mills Team in order to bring their hit gym workouts to the comfort of your home. This included two hit workout programs: Les Mills Pump and Les Mills Combat.

However, the Les Mills Team and Beachbody have recently decided to not continue to work together from here on out. As a result, Beachbody is continuing to sell the Les Mills products until the contract is up.

At this time the Les Mills Pump program is no longer available at However, it is available through Team Beachbody Coaches like myself. Inventory is LIMITED… So if the links below are no longer working, try again later or it may no longer be available… Make sure to act fast because there’s No Guarantee how much longer these programs will be available!

Les Pump Order Options:

  • Update: Les Mills Pump is no longer available at this time. More may come up later. No Guarantees…

Les Mills Combat Options:

Check out the video below to learn more about Les Mills Combat:

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