Shakeology Vegan vs Regular Shakeology

Is Shakeology Vegan friendly?… YES!!!! That’s right, Shakeology offers 2 Shakeology flavors that are friendly for those who want a Vegan health shake. The two Vegan Shakeology flavors are Chocolate and Tropical Strawberry.

In this article, we’ll compare Shakeology Vegan flavors vs Regular Shakeology and also give a in-depth Shakeology Vegan review. Enjoy!

Shakeology Vegan vs Regular Shakeology

All Shakeology flavors include the following core ingredients:

  • Protein and Essential Amino Acids to help build muscle and reduce food cravings.
  • Prebiotics, Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes, which aid in improving digestion, regularity, and nutrient absorption.
  • Adaptogens which have highly concentrated nutrients that can help your body cope with stress, provide energy, and maintain a strong immune system.
  • Antioxidants and phytonutrients (plant-sourced ingredients), which have shown promise in helping prevent a wide variety of degenerative conditions.

Check out the Superfood formula for both Vegan Shakeology flavors below, this comes direct from the Nutrition Facts:

Vegan Shakeology ingredients

Vegan Shakeology Nutrition Facts:

There are two main differences when comparing Shakeology Vegan vs Regular Shakeology:

1. Vitamins & Minerals: The regular Shakeology flavors are fortified with Vitamins and Minerals. However, the Vegan Shakeology flavors do contain vitamins & minerals naturally because of the whole food ingredients used. Yet, because every whole food ingredient varies by how much vitamins and minerals they contain, Beachbody does not provide vitamin and mineral information. This is why you won’t see Vitamins and Minerals labeled on the Vegan Shakeology flavors (see images below for the Shakeology Vegan ingredients/Nutrition Facts).

Tropical Strawberry Nutrition Facts

Chocolate Vegan Nutrition Facts

2. Protein Source: The regular Shakeology flavors are created with a high quality whey protein isolate. The Vegan Shakeology protein contains a few different sources. However, the Vegan Shakeology, nor any Shakeology flavor DOES NOT contain Soy, nor anything GMO. Instead, the Vegan Shakeology Protein includes the following:

  • Chia
  • Pea
  • Flax
  • Quinoa
  • Rice
  • Oat

By combining those 6 protein sources, Beachbody created Vegan Shakeology flavors that contain essential amino acids, including leucine, isoleucine, and lysine which are often difficult to obtain on a vegan diet.

Shakeology Vegan Review

Vegan Shakeology bagsAs you saw earlier, we covered the Vegan Shakeology ingredients in pretty good detail. Enough to even answer if Shakeology is soy based?… Which NO Shakeology flavor contains soy because most soy sources are genetically modified (GMO) and soy has been found to screw around with people’s hormones.

Instead, Beachbody uses only NON-GMO ingredients in all their Shakeology flavors and also make use of natural whole-food ingredients from around the world. Click here to Learn more about the Shakeology ingredients

So, the next question on most people’s minds is how do the Shakeology Vegan flavors taste? Great question. Here’s a quick Vegan Flavor review…

Vegan Chocolate Shakeology Review: Personally the Vegan Chocolate flavor is my most favorite flavor and if you love Chocolate too, you probably will agree. The Regular Chocolate Shakeology flavor is OK, but for me it comes out too thick and creamy. The Vegan Chocolate is just the right amount of thickness. Plus, the best part is that it actually tastes like Chocolate. Not like other chocolate shakes on the market that leave a horrible aftertaste. Trust me, I’ve tasted some horrible chocolate shakes in my past.

Tropical Strawberry Shakeology Review: Out of all Shakeology flavors, Tropical Strawberry and Greenberry are my least favorite. It’s not that I won’t drink them if offered but they’re not my first choice. Yet, I believe Tropical Strawberry is a little better than Greenberry because Greenberry has an over-bearing sweet taste. Tropical Strawberry is a very light flavor, which is great if you’re planning on adding extra fruits to your shake. Beachbody intentionally made Tropical Strawberry light in flavor so that it can easily be customized. And since Tropical Strawberry was updated in May 2014, it became a much smoother shake than when it first came out.

Pick the Shakeology flavor you want to try out below:


SAVE MONEY ON SHAKEOLOGY TIP: Want to save big on the Shakeology price? When ordering Shakeology, make sure to order Shakeology with Monthly Auto-ship. This saves you over $12 with every order. And you can cancel at any time by calling Beachbody.

Shakeology Samples

Not sure which Vegan Shakeology flavor to try? Then check out the following Shakeology Sample Options:

Vegan Shakeology Taste Sampler!

Order Shakeology Samples!

A cheaper option is to order a Combo box of single servings. This includes the following combo deals:

  • 8 Chocolate / 8 Vanilla / 8 Cafe Latte
  • 8 Chocolate / 8 Vanilla / 8 Strawberry
  • 12 Chocolate Vegan / 12 Tropical Strawberry Vegan

You can place your order for these combo boxes or any other Shakeology flavor below:


Shakeology Vegan benefits

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 265 reviews
by Janice Humbarger on Shakeology
I look forward to Shakeology

Before Beachbody I was not happy with the way I looked. I wore clothes that were frumpy and hid the rolls. I didn’t really care what I wore because nothing looked good anyway. I lost 45 pounds with several Beachbody programs and Shakeology... I am a 365er with Shakeology. I have noticed that since I started Shakeology I feel energized. I look forward to it every morning. I love the Performance line as well. Using Energize and Hydrate to help push through the workouts everyday but, I look forward to Recover after my workout the most. It is super delicious and it’s nice not to wake up wanting to die after a hard workout.

by Nancy Gallant on Shakeology

I drink Shakeology everyday and it has given me so many benefits. I have loads of energy, sleep better, no longer have cravings, my digestion and regularity have improved drastically, I have a better mindset on life in general, and I am able to focus on tasks with more clarity now. Bonus: I JUST LOVE IT!!!

by Stephanie Stancer on Shakeology
Shakeology is What Was Missing

Shakeology has helped fill in the holes that my nutrition was missing. I have gained energy and definitely improved my digestion. I love that when I’m in a hurry I can just shake it and go. I fills me up and keeps me from needing to grab fast food when I’m out and about.

by Molly Elliott on Shakeology
Shakeology Made Me a Better Mom

Before I started with Beachbody in 2016, I was run-down, tired, unhappy, and didn’t like who I was. I had no energy to play with my kids, and I was so ashamed of who I was that I rarely left the house... Man, all I can say now is I love my Shakeology! It gives me energy, curbs my hunger, and I don’t crave junk food at all. I look forward to it everyday!

by Sue Schwartz on Shakeology
I can't say enough about Shakeology...

Before starting Beachbody I had hit an all time low in my life. I was so sad and hated myself. I didn’t like what I had let myself become, and I was physically so unhealthy. I couldn’t walk 100 yards without feeling winded and out of breath, it was a chore to go up and down steps, and I couldn’t even bend over to tie my shoes. I didn’t like going places other than work because I was so embarrassed to see people who knew me before I looked like this.... I lost 54 lbs with 21 Day Fix, The Master’s Hammer and Chisel, FOCUS T25, Shakeology, and the Beachbody Performance supplements.... And I can’t say enough about Shakeology! Love it! It’s helped with my energy level and my digestive system!

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