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Shakeology UK - Now Available!For years people have been waiting to buy Shakeology in the United Kingdom (UK)! As a results people have searched for “Shakeology UK alternative”, “Shakeology UK Amazon”, “Shakeology UK Ebay”, and in general: “Where to buy Shakeology in the UK?”….

Unfortunately, for far too long, Beachbody has not been able to bring Shakeology and many of their popular fitness programs to the UK.

However, Beachbody is finally expanding to the United Kingdom in the Fall of 2017… This means people from the UK can finally order Shakeology and even become Beachbody Coaches!

Be the FIRST to order Shakeology in the UK!!! Because you DESERVE to stop jumping from failed diet to failed diet and finally start losing weight like the millions of people like you who did it with the help of Shakeology…

buy Shakeology in the UKOrder Shakeology in the United Kingdom

Yet, don’t just listen to me about how great Shakeology is, here’s what just one person has to says about how Shakeology has transformed their life…

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From Size 3XL to Size 2!!!

Before Shakeology & 21 Day Fix

This was me, back in April 2013… I can’t believe how much I let myself go. The only happiness I truly felt back was when I was eating and stuffing my face… I simply stopped caring about my health and life…

I would like to share just a few things with you… which frankly, are just super embarrassing…

The jeans I was wearing in the picture (24w) were not buttoned up or zipped up. The shirts I used to wear back then were originally my husbands and I stole many from him just so that I would have something that semi-fit and to cover up my unbuttoned/unzipped pants.

I wore a lot of my old maternity clothes for several years because that was the only thing that would fit me.

Worst yet, I refused to buy any new clothes because all the clothes that kind of fit looked horrible and then I hated looking at myself in the mirror…

I was simply a mess…

My Refusal to Accept Help with my Weight Lead to Several Struggles

One of my biggest regrets was not listening to my mom 10 years ago… I really wish I could redo the last 10 years!

When my mom was trying to help to lose weight, I only weighed 200 pounds… Yet, things had to get worse before I would even try to lose weight.

Instead, I was mad at my mom!

If I would have listened to mom….

  • I wouldn’t have had gestational diabetes during my first pregnancy.
  • I wouldn’t have all the regrets I do now.
  • I wouldn’t have had to spend the past year working my butt off to shed the weight.
  • I wouldn’t have the loose skin and stretch marks that I do.
  • I wouldn’t have ruined my body.

However, I didn’t listen and instead I got angry at my mom and even my family…

My stopped talking to my family for so long that I didn’t even know my sister was dating her now husband… What in the world was wrong with me?!?!

I used to be so close to my family and I let my weight get in between us!

If you’re struggling with your weight like I used to, I’m here to tell you that it’s not too late. You can get the body of your dreams… You can prove the naysayers wrong!

Otherwise… With each passing day…

  • You will be gaining more and more, which will require you to work even harder to lose any of it…
  • You will be gaining more and more stretch marks…
  • You will increase the risk of saggy, loose skin hanging down past your waist after losing weight…
  • You’ll increase your need for more and more medications as your weight leads you towards diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, asthma, several types of cancer, sleep apnoea, liver disease, kidney disease, gallstones, pain and stiffness in joints and back, and much more…

Very soon, if nothing is done, your life will become a bigger and bigger struggle… Much like my life used to be…

  • My body constantly hurt! I was taking so much ibuprofen that I thought I would overdose one day.
  • My shoulders constantly hurt.
  • I’d wake up every morning and my feet would hurt so bad I could barely walk.
  • I’d get sharp pains down my legs and I WAS ALWAYS TIRED…

It wasn’t until I started drinking Shakeology that I was able to gain MORE ENERGY and start reducing my joint pain and body aches…

Life didn’t turn around for me until February 2, 2016, when I decided to step on the scale. I was shocked to see 296 pounds. I weighed almost 300 pounds!

After seeing 296 pounds, I went straight into the kitchen. I went into the frig and grabbed out 2 liters of Mountain Dew and dumped it into the drain… I haven’t drank any soda since then.


I knew things had to change, otherwise I would be hitting 400 pounds within the next year at the rate I was going…

Who Else is Ready to FINALLY Lose Weight?…

While scrolling through my Facebook posts… I noticed an old friend of mine that used to be HUGE!

Well, I was huge at that time as well, however she wasn’t huge any more.

Looking closer into her profile page, I noticed that she was sharing how Shakeology and the 21 Day Fix had totally changed her life. Especially Shakeology…

Well, as I looked through several of her before and after pictures only one thought came to my mind… “If her huge butt can lose weight, then I can too!”

On March 2016 I started my official weight loss journey with Shakeology because… I WAS TIRED OF…

  • Not being able to play with my kids…
  • Not being able to find any good looking clothes…
  • Being the fat friend…
  • Getting funny looks from people, especially when eating out…
  • All the aches and pains in my joints…
  • Food controlling my life…
  • Feeling miserable…

I wanted to play with my kids, I wanted to wear cute clothes, I wanted to finally enjoy life!!!

After two months of drinking Shakeology, I saw immediate results… I was able to lose 15 pounds.

With Shakeology, I felt like I could accomplish anything… So, I decided to also try the 21 Day Fix.

The 21 Day Fix and Shakeology have totally changed my life! Check out my before and after pics below:

Before and After Shakeology & 21 Day Fix

Before and After Shakeology & 21 Day Fix

Where are you at currently? Has your weight kept you from achieving what you desire in your life?

  • Imagine, finally getting over yo-yo dieting.
  • Imagine, finally being able to get away from emotional eating.
  • Imagine, finally being happy, energetic and feeling filled in your life.

I truly believe my life was miserable before Shakeology and the 21 Day Fix program… And I believe they can both transform your health as well…

I recommend buying both Shakeology and the 21 Day Fix together for faster results, however, Shakeology will definitely start to help you achieve the weight loss results that you desire…

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Shakeology UK Buy: How to Buy Shakeology in the United Kingdom

Only Beachbody and Beachbody Coaches are the ONLY Shakeology UK supplier. By ordering through Beachbody Coaches giving you a price advantage!

When Shakeology is released in October, only the most popular Shakeology flavors will be available at first. This includes the following flavors:

  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla
  • Strawberry
  • Chocolate Vegan

As more Shakeology flavors become available, they will automatically show up on the order form. Keep reading below to get the best price on Shakeology…

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Cheapest Way to Buy Shakeology in the UK

There are only a few Shakeology discounts available that will save you money when you buy Shakeology…

Here’s how to save money on Shakeology in the Order of the Most Popular Options…

1. Order Shakeology on Monthly Auto-ship

If you only want to order Shakeology and don’t want a workout program, don’t want to become a Team Beachbody Club Member, and don’t want to become a Beachbody Coach… this is the best option for you.

By ordering Shakeology on monthly auto-ship, you guarantee that you don’t miss a day of Shakeology… Which is something that the majority of Shakeology users hate doing because they feel the difference between the days they drink Shakeology and when they don’t.

You still have several options when you order Shakeology on monthly autoship:

  • Change Your Shakeology Flavor
  • Skip Your next order
  • Change Your ship date for Home Direct order (i.e. change from 5th to 15th)
  • Change Your shipping address for Home Direct order

In fact, you’ll get an email from Beachbody at least 5 days before your Shakeology ships so that you can easily make the changes above. You’ll be directed to a form online like the one below:

Customize Shakeology monthly autoship

Of course, you can also contact Beachbody Customer Service to cancel your monthly auto-ship at any time!!!

And best of all… There’s a Money Back Guarantee!… Didn’t feel any difference with Shakeology, then get your money back! Even if you finished the whole bag of Shakeology! That’s the bottom of the bag guarantee 🙂

Order Shakeology below and make sure your “Order Type” is “Monthly Autoship”…

buy Shakeology in the UKOrder Shakeology in the United Kingdom

2. Turbo Charge Your Weight Loss Results with a Workout!

Do you want to lose more weight than any of your friends?!? If you’re serious about losing weight, getting more energy, and turning heads around… then you’ll want to pump up your Shakeology results with a workout!

Beachbody UK makes this simple and CHEAP by combining their popular workout programs with Shakeology. Often, you’ll save anywhere from £7 to £80 depending on which package you decide to order.

You can get Shakeology with hit workout programs like:

  • Insanity: MAX 30
  • 21 Day Fix
  • 21 Day Fix EXTREME
  • SHIFT Shop
  • Country Heat
  • 22 Minute Hard Corps
  • Focus T25
  • and Much MORE!!!

These packages are called Beachbody Challenge Packs and sets you up with:

  • Shakeology on monthly auto-ship (which you can cancel at any time).
  • Most packages come with a 30 Day Free Trial of Team Beachbody Club (which you can cancel at any time) – This includes Beachbody on Demand, which allows you to stream all of Beachbody’s workouts online, instantly! Plus, exclusive workouts that you can’t find get anywhere else.
  • And of course, the workout and/or additional supplements that come with the package that you choose.

Check out your options below…

Compare Beachbody Challenge Packs!Order a Beachbody Challenge Pack

Side Note: You can get Shakeology and Beachbody on Demand only for basically FREE! The Beachbody on Demand Challenge Packs cost about the same as ordering Shakeology only one time!

Plus, with Beachbody on Demand you can keep trying different workouts until you find the one you love. Check this option out if you would like to stream your workouts online.

3. Become a Beachbody Coach to Save 25%! The Most You Can Save on Shakeology!

If this is the first time that you’re ordering Shakeology, becoming a Beachbody Coach may not be for you. Click here to Check out Beachbody Coach UK Details

However, several Shakeology Customers become Beachbody Coaches in order to save 25% on Shakeology. This is the cheapest way to buy Shakeology when you combine it with month auto-ship. In fact, the Shakeology price normally ends up to be cheaper than the Retail Value of Shakeology before taxes and shipping!

And the reasons many people become Coaches is because you’re

  • NOT Required to Sell Anything
  • NOT Required to Buy Anything
  • NOT Required to Sign up Other People As Coaches

You can simply pay your monthly Coach fee so that you get a 25% discount on all Beachbody products. And even with the Coach fee, Shakeology is still the cheapest price possible!

Become a Beachbody Coach if you’re ready to safe the most money possible on Shakeology. As you enroll to become a Coach, you’ll have the option to order Shakeology.

Beacome a Team Beachbody Coach Today!!!Become a Beachbody UK Coach

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What Can I Use Instead of Shakeology in the UK?

In the past people have been asking what can be used instead of Shakeology in the UK… To be honest, there’s nothing else that can be used as Shakeology alternative.

Remember, Shakeology comes with the following core ingredients:

  • Protein & Amino Acids – Help the body build lean muscle, heal wounds, improve skin and hair.Carl Daikeler talks about Shakeology
  • Antioxidants & Super-fruits – Greatly reduces oxidative damage which causes degenerative (aging) conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure (which can lead to stroke), dementia, and arthritis.
  • Phytonutrients & Super-greens – Boost immunity, help fight diseases, can slow down the aging process, detoxify the body, and have alkalizing properties.
  • Adaptogens Herbs – Adaptogenic herbs are unique from other substances in their ability to balance endocrine hormones and the immune system.
  • Prebiotics & Probiotics – It enhances the production of the essential bacteria that improves the digestion process. Also it helps for the optimal absorption of the nutrients.
  • Digestive Enzymes – Help the body break down foods and increase absorption of nutrients.

Finally, Shakeology will now be available in the United Kingdom with each Shakeology flavor slowly being introduced over time.

When Shakeology becomes available in Fall of 2017, only the following Shakeology flavors will be available:

  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla
  • Strawberry
  • Chocolate Vegan

Much like how Beachbody came into Canada, Beachbody will need to get approval from UK Officials in order to ship nutritional supplements into the country.

So forget about those Me-Too shakes on the market that pale in comparison and order the REAL DEAL Shakeology shake to get the best results for your weight loss and health.

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Shakeology UK Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any Shakeology UK Stockists?

No, there are no Shakeology UK stockists because it’s only available through Beachbody and Beachbody Coaches. By ordering through a Beachbody Coach you get the benefit of getting the best price possible on Shakeology.

Is there a Shakeology UK alternative?

No, Shakeology is a complex health shake that is not duplicated anywhere else. In the past, a Shakeology UK alternative would have been nice to have as Shakeology was not available, however, Shakeology is now easily available in the United Kingdom with more flavors coming out over time.

How much does Shakeology cost in the UK?

The Shakeology UK price is £129.95 for a 30 day serving bag or 24 individual packets. There are also two sampler options:

  • Shakeology Sampler for £19.94
  • Clean Week Sampler for £22.95

Checkout the Shakeology Sampler Options Here

There are 3 ways to buy Shakeology cheaper in the United Kingdom, Click Here for the Details

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 265 reviews
by Janice Humbarger on Shakeology
I look forward to Shakeology

Before Beachbody I was not happy with the way I looked. I wore clothes that were frumpy and hid the rolls. I didn’t really care what I wore because nothing looked good anyway. I lost 45 pounds with several Beachbody programs and Shakeology... I am a 365er with Shakeology. I have noticed that since I started Shakeology I feel energized. I look forward to it every morning. I love the Performance line as well. Using Energize and Hydrate to help push through the workouts everyday but, I look forward to Recover after my workout the most. It is super delicious and it’s nice not to wake up wanting to die after a hard workout.

by Nancy Gallant on Shakeology

I drink Shakeology everyday and it has given me so many benefits. I have loads of energy, sleep better, no longer have cravings, my digestion and regularity have improved drastically, I have a better mindset on life in general, and I am able to focus on tasks with more clarity now. Bonus: I JUST LOVE IT!!!

by Stephanie Stancer on Shakeology
Shakeology is What Was Missing

Shakeology has helped fill in the holes that my nutrition was missing. I have gained energy and definitely improved my digestion. I love that when I’m in a hurry I can just shake it and go. I fills me up and keeps me from needing to grab fast food when I’m out and about.

by Molly Elliott on Shakeology
Shakeology Made Me a Better Mom

Before I started with Beachbody in 2016, I was run-down, tired, unhappy, and didn’t like who I was. I had no energy to play with my kids, and I was so ashamed of who I was that I rarely left the house... Man, all I can say now is I love my Shakeology! It gives me energy, curbs my hunger, and I don’t crave junk food at all. I look forward to it everyday!

by Sue Schwartz on Shakeology
I can't say enough about Shakeology...

Before starting Beachbody I had hit an all time low in my life. I was so sad and hated myself. I didn’t like what I had let myself become, and I was physically so unhealthy. I couldn’t walk 100 yards without feeling winded and out of breath, it was a chore to go up and down steps, and I couldn’t even bend over to tie my shoes. I didn’t like going places other than work because I was so embarrassed to see people who knew me before I looked like this.... I lost 54 lbs with 21 Day Fix, The Master’s Hammer and Chisel, FOCUS T25, Shakeology, and the Beachbody Performance supplements.... And I can’t say enough about Shakeology! Love it! It’s helped with my energy level and my digestive system!

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