shakeology shake alternativesHere are some interesting examples you can use to create a Shakeology alternative.

Personally, I believe buying Shakeology is better than trying to make something similar to Shakeology because creating something that’s equivalent to Shakeology would take a lot of work, cost more, and not even come close to tasting as good as Shakeology.

Below are a few ways you can create a Shakeology substitute in order to get close to the same nutritional value of Shakeology.

Shakeology Alternative 1: Buy All the Shakeology Ingredients Separately

Beachbody went out to see how much it would cost you to but the Shakeology ingredients separately…

And then had Tony Horton reveals the cost of buying all the ingredients in Shakeology separately…

Check out the video below:

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Tony Horton also talks about the Benefits of Shakeology ingredients here >>

Shakeology Alternative 2: Eat more Fruits & Vegetables!

If you love saving money, then Shakeology is the best way to get healthy at a low cost.

Shakeology is the best alternative to eating a large amount of healthy foods because one glass contains the same amount of nutrition as:

  • A bowel of Exotic Food (including: Golgi & Acai): $4.40
  • 10 cups Raw Cauliflower: $4.30
  • 4 cups Raw Broccoli: $3.94
  • 4 cups Uncooked Mushrooms: $8.97
  • 4 cups Non-fat Yogurt: $3.49
  • 4 cups Red Radishes: $5.16
  • 3 cups Romaine Lettuce: $2.99
  • 1 cup Peas: $1.09
  • 7 Whole Carrots: $ 1.99
  • 3 Raw Onions: $2.91
  • 1 Shot of wheat Grass: $1.95

Total: $41.19

While I believe in eating healthy, I would find it difficult to eat all of the above to get the same nutrition as one Shakeology shake.

Would you rather spend $1,235.70 a month on the above ingredients or purchase the tasty Shakeology shake?

what you need to eat to create a shakeology alternative

Shakeology Substitute 3: Forget the Fruits and Vegetables, How about some Supplements?

A fellow Beachbody Coach, Blake Warrington, did an experiment. Blake wanted to see if he could create a homemade version of Shakeology by going to the grocery store and buying some ingredients. This is what he came up with…

taking shakeology ingredients and creating a shakeology alternative

taking shakeology ingredients and creating a shakeology alternative


Look at all those ingredients!!!

Below is a picture of Blake’s receipts totaling $483.12! Looks like a Shakeology shake is not only cheaper but much more convenient…

cost of a shakeology alternative with supplements

cost of a shakeology alternative with supplements

This is what Beachbody CEO Carl Daikeler had so say about this experiment-Awesome demonstration Blake. And even if someone did assemble all that, I am willing to bet that most if not all of those ingredients are not sourced at the same high standards as we use, and they are likely processed so they can stay on the shelf longer. That means the potent properties are cooked and killed before they ever get into the bottle. Not Shakeology – as close to fresh as it comes without picking it off the tree! And do you know how hard it would be to make that $481 concoction taste good? You would throw it all away after one sip. Not Shakeology. I am so proud of this product!

What would you rather do? Take tons of supplements everyday that will cost you over $483.12 per month, or buy Shakeology?

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Shakeology Equivalent 4: Vega One vs Chocolate Vegan Shakeology

Vega One Chocolate: A close Alternative to Shakeology

Vega One Chocolate: A close Alternative to Shakeology

In an attempt to create a Shakeology alternative, we’ve covered:

  • Eating several fruits and vegetables every day.
  • And consuming several supplements every day.

Both were found to cost too much and seemed very unlikely for someone to be willing to eat so many fruits, vegetables, or supplements in one day.

Vega One is the only shake on the market that I’ve found to even come close to being a alternative to Shakeology, when compared to:

  • Whey Protein Powder
  • Body by Vi Shakes
  • Herbalife
  • Ensure
  • Monavie
  • Slim Fast
  • Myoplex
  • Isagenix

In my post titled Shakeology Alternative: Choc. Vegan Shakeology vs Vega One, I dug deep to see if Vega One was a fair comparison to Vegan Chocolate Shakeology by reviewing:Vega One vs Chocolate Vegan Shakeology

  • Ingredients
  • Taste
  • Cost
  • Health benefits to you

Although Vega One was cheaper by about $0.75/serving, it was lacking in:

  • Ingredients – Vega One had No Superfoods and No Adaptogen Blend.
  • Taste – Vega One had a strong and overbearing taste.
  • Quality – Shakeology uses several superfoods that are grown naturally and uses no artificial anything.
  • Doctor Reviews – Shakeology has several Doctor reviews on record. Vega One has no such reviews.
  • Health Benefits – Vega One is limited due to a lack in ingredients.

Read the full VegaOne vs Shakeology Report here…

Vega One is the only shake that comes close to being a alternative to Shakeology but would need to be drank with other fruits, vegetables, or supplements to get the full effect of what Shakeology has to offer… 

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Final Thoughts about Creating a Shakeology Alternative:

Creating a Shakeology alternative is not impossible as we can see above.

However, creating a Shakeology alternative is costly and often you will need to take in several low quality supplements or digest a lot of fruits and vegetables to get the same benefits from one simple glass of Shakeology.

As a bonus, here’s how to buy your Chocolate, Greenberry, Tropical Strawberry, Chocolate Vegan Shakeology for Cheap!

Rather you live in the United States or Canada, you can save BIG on Shipping/Handling by:

  • Buying your Shakeology with Home Direct (monthly auto-ship)
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  5. Best of all… Shakeology brings together nature’s natural health benefits in a simple and tasty shake for you!
    Here’s a small list of the Shakeology shake benefits:

    • Increased energy and stamina
    • Accelerated weight loss
    • Improved digestion and bowel regularity
    • Boosts in mental clarity
    • Reduced junk food cravings
    • Lowered cholesterol…

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Have a great day and I hope you enjoy your Shakeology!

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