Becoming a Beachbody Coach: What It’s REALLY ABOUT

When you’re first thinking about becoming a Beachbody Coach, there’s probably a lot of questions that come to your mind. After all, there’s not exactly advertisements or a company you can physically go to in your local area to become a Beach Body Coach.

Instead, you need to do some research online and find the best information possible on what exactly a Team Beachbody Coach does… For that reason, this article will cover everything you need to know about what it takes to become a Beachbody Coach.

Updated & Revised: December 2017

Check out the video below and also discover the most frequently asked questions about becoming a Beachbody Coach answered on this page!

Beachbody Coach FAQ: Table of Contents

  1. What is a Beachbody Coach?
  2. Beachbody Coach Benefits
  3. What Does it Take to Become a Beachbody Coach?
  4. How Much Does it Cost to be a Beachbody Coach?
  5. Is There A Beachbody Coaching Opportunity?
  6. What’s the Average Beachbody Coach Income?
  7. Beachbody Coach Review
  8. Should I Become a Beachbody Coach?
  9. What is the Beachbody Coach Discount?
  10. What is the Beachbody Coach Discount Shakeology?
  11. How to be a Beachbody Coach: Sign Up Process
  12. How to Become a Beachbody Coach for FREE
  13. Is there a Beachbody Military Discount?

What is a Beachbody Coach?

What is a Beachbody Coach?What is a Beachbody Coach? First off, a Team Beach Body Coach can be anyone. You can be a parent, a professional, a stay at home parent, a college graduate, or never even finished high school. Whatever your situation may be, you can be a Beachbody Coach.

So, being a Beachbody Coach does not require a special skill set. Instead, being a Beachbody Coach is about being into the Beachbody fitness programs and/or supplements. A Beachbody Coach is normally someone that loves the Beachbody programs so much that they decided to do one of two things:

  1. Become a Team Beachbody Coach in order to save 25% on Beachbody fitness products and supplements.
  2. They see the opportunity to share with other people the Beachbody fitness programs and also want to make some money while helping others.

What is a Beachbody Coach?… Someone that wants to take care of their own health and fitness with Beachbody fitness programs and/or supplements AND most Coaches will also take advantage in being able to get a commission from helping others with their health and fitness.

And, What does a Beachbody Coach do?… If you decide to grow a Beachbody business, then your job will be to help others with their health and fitness by recommending Beachbody products and encouraging them. Beachbody offers all the training you’ll ever need to really help people to turn their life around.

You DO NOT need to sale anything as a Beachbody Coach. We’ll cover what’s required of Team Beachbody Coaches in a little bit…

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Beachbody Coach Benefits

There are several benefits of becoming a Beachbody Coach. Here are a just a few examples of what you can expect when you sign up to be a Beachbody Coach…

Beachbody Discount of 25% On All Products – Many people simple sign up to be Coaches in order to save money on Shakeology and other popular supplements that Beachbody has to offer.

25% Base Commission – You make a 25% commission on anything you sell, with the opportunity to make even more money when you decide to grow your Beachbody business by teaching others what you’re doing.

No Limit on Earning Potential – How would you like to make as much money as you would like? There is no set Beachbody Coach Salary, instead you have the potential to earn as much money as you want by taking advantage of the: Customer Lead Program, Fast Start Bonuses, Team Cycle Bonuses, Matching Check Bonuses, Coach Connection Lead Program, Star Diamond Bonuses, Pool Bonuses, and much more…

Recession Proof – The United States went through a recession around 2007-2009. During this time people lost jobs, businesses closed down, and the stock market crashed. Beachbody, however, has had consistent revenue growth… year after year! Check it out below…

Beachbody Coach Benefits - Beachbody has had consistent growth year after year. Even during a time of recession.

Customers Get Tied To You – Any customer you bring in is your Customer. This means you make a commission on all their current and future orders. This beats the mass majority of affiliate programs where you only get paid one time on a Customer.

Residual Income – Beachbody offers several different supplements that people love. As a result, these customers will continue to place orders every month or every few months, which means money in your pocket from that same Customer!

Be Your Own Boss – As a Independent Team Beachbody Coach, you’re totally in charge of your own schedule. If you decide to become a Coach to make money then how much you make is dependent on your work ethics, which means you’re paid by what you’re really worth.

Work Part-Time or Full-Time – If you decide to grow your own business, you make your own hours. You can even be a Hobby Coach in that you only recommend products to people when YOU feel like it.

Low Start-Up Costs – Think of the Beachbody Coaching opportunity as a franchise. Beachbody does research & development, produces high quality products, advertises on TV and other media the products to create product awareness, delivers the products to your customers, and even takes care of returns. All you have to do is pay a small fee and get your customers.

Work From Home – Most Beachbody Coaches find it easy to work from home because they can easily connect with their customers through their own blogs, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and/or several other Social Media Outlets.

Learn on the Job – Not a medical professional, personal trainer, nor a nutritionist? Don’t worry. Every Beachbody program comes with complete instructions on how to lose weight, what to eat and why, and answers many of the frequently asked questions. Beachbody also offers Product Tool Kits that explains ever program in detail through: Training Guides, Talking Points, Instruction Videos, and fliers. Additionally, you can always contact me with any questions. You are not alone!

Beachbody Training Center – The Product Tool Kits will teach you about the products but the Beachbody Training Center will teach you to be a successful Beachbody Coach! These training videos will help you develop your business step-by-step. As you grow as a Coach, the videos will further challenge you to grow as well.

Weekly Conference Calls – Beachbody offers you the chance to listen into weekly conference calls where you’ll learn about new products or hear from other successful Coaches on what they are doing to grow their businesses!

Success on Demand – Team Beachbody joined up with Success Magazine to give you exclusive access to not only their magazine online but also Book Summaries, Articles, Videos, and Audios about becoming a more successful person. Success on Demand is offered because Personal Development increases a person’s ability to succeed.

Advertising Material – Team Beachbody sets you up with 3 personalize websites, a Beachbody email account, fliers, and product information packets that you can use when talking to your Customers.

No Inventory – You don’t need to buy any inventory to keep on hand. All you do is direct people to your personalized websites, they order online, and you get the commission. Beachbody takes care of all orders!

Set Your Own Hours – Not a morning person? Then sleep in until you’re ready to get to work!

Potential Tax Benefits – As a Independent Team Beachbody Coach you’re considered to be working for yourself. As a result, the government sees you as as owning your own business. Talk to a Tax Professional about possible Tax write offs.

Personalized Websites – Have no idea how to create your own website? No worries! Beachbody sets you up with a personalized website that it mobile friendly and caters to USA, Canada, United Kingdom customers… Even Spanish and French translations!

Chance To Help Others – A great motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar, often said: You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.” As a Beachbody Coach you’ll get to help people achieve the weight loss and health that they have always desired but never could achieve…

Beacome a Team Beachbody Coach Today!!!

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What Does it Take to Become a Beachbody Coach?

The Beachbody Coaching Opportunity is available in the United States and Canada only.We mentioned earlier that you do NOT need to buy anything as a Beach Body Coach. So what’s really required of you? Here’s WHAT’S REQUIRED of you to become a Team Beachbody Coach:

Outside of those four requirements, nothing else is required of you as a Beachbody Coach. You don’t even need to be using any Beachbody program! Although it is recommended…. Here’s few more things that are NOT REQUIRED of you:

  • Have a Medical Degree
  • Be a Nutritionist
  • Be a Personal Trainer
  • Be Fit
  • Buy Beachbody Products
  • Own a Personal Website
  • Know How to Sell
  • Have Any Kind of Degree
  • Know Anything About Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and so on)
  • Know Anything About Running a Business

Outside of the cost to become a Beachbody Coach, there really isn’t much else that’s required of you… However, if you want to run a successful Beachbody business, there are a few things that are RECOMMENDED…

  • Be Teachable
  • Be Motivated
  • Be Willing to Learn
  • Have a Desire to Help Others
  • Enjoy the Beachbody Fitness Programs and/or Supplements

Again, those qualities above are just recommended… No one is going to stop you from being a Beachbody Coach as long as you meet the 4 requirements mentioned earlier… Additionally, if you sign up to be a Beachbody Coach for the discount, then don’t worry about the qualities mentioned above.

Side Note: Beachbody is opening their doors for United Kingdom (UK) Coaches very soon. Soon you can become a Beachbody UK Coach in the Fall of 2017. Get more details here!

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How Much Does it Cost to be a Beachbody Coach?

When you think about “how much does it cost to become a Beachbody Coach”, also think about the cost to own a franchise like McDonalds, Subway, Jack in the Box, Dunkin’ Doughnuts, KFC, GNC, and the many other franchise opportunities that cost anywhere from just over $100,000 to over $1 Million just to start1!

The benefit of getting into a franchise and why it costs so much is because people already know about them and their products. Additionally, these franchises work hard:

  • To Create Consistent Products
  • To Create New Products
  • To Create Something People Want or Desire
  • To Create a System That You Can Easily Follow & Produces You Money
  • And Most Importantly They Work Hard to Advertise Their Products So That People Want What They’re Selling

Example of a few Beachbody fitness programs and supplements.In the same way a franchise wants to be known in the world, Beachbody is working hard to become the world leader in Health & Fitness by creating fitness programs people love and developing high quality supplements that the market has never seen before.

Additionally, Beachbody spends over $100 Million a year in advertising their hit programs like P90X, Insanity, Hip Hop Abs, Focus T25, Insanity: MAX 30, 21 Day Fix, and many others.

Since Beachbody is already creating brand awareness by letting everyone know what they offer, all that’s missing is YOU… The Team Beachbody Coach who can connect a person with the right fitness program and/or supplement for them.

Everyday, people are bombarded with weight loss gimmicks that don’t work. As a Beachbody Coach you have the solution to their desired weight loss and health and they will be more willing to trust your word (an actual person) than a Beachbody Ad.

Seeing that the Beachbody Coaching opportunity is like a franchise, which are normally over $100,000 to start, a Beachbody Coach cost of $15.95 a month is not so bad. That’s right after the first initial fee of $39.95, you only pay $15.95. And get this you can become a Become a Beachbody Coach for Free!

Click Here if you’re not associated with the U.S. Military to find out how to be a Beachbody Coach for FREE….

Click Here if you’re associated with U.S. Military to find out how to get the Beachbody Military Wavier…

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Is There A Beachbody Coaching Opportunity?

If you don’t want to be a Beachbody Discount Coach, that means you’re really interested in growing a Beachbody business of your own… Which also means you’re interested in making money with Beachbody. So you need to know rather or not there is a Beachbody Coaching Opportunity…

Remember, Beachbody wants to be a world leader in the Health & Fitness industry. At this time, there is no one company that comes to mind instantly as the go to weight loss company. So Beachbody is inspiring for a pretty big goal. However, as of right now, the Beachbody Coaching opportunity is only available in Canada and the United States. Even so, take a real close look at the image below, published by the USA Today2:

State obesity rates could skyrocket by 2030: "The prediction says that 13 states will have adult obesity rates over 60%; all 50 states would have rates above 44%."

According to an analysis published in the USA Today: “State obesity rates could skyrocket by 2030: “The prediction says that 13 states will have adult obesity rates over 60%; all 50 states would have rates above 44%.”2

As you can see above, obesity is predicted to continue to increase. And along obesity, comes preventable and often reversible diseases like: type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, many types of cancer, sleep apnea and other chronic illnesses.

What is the solution to this Obesity Epidemic?… It’s really simple actually… Helping people turn there lives around by working out and eating right… Both of which are taught with every single workout program that Beachbody offers.

As a side note, Canadians are not immune to this Obesity Epidemic… According to the U.S. News, Canadian obesity rates are hitting record highs as well. While the obesity epidemic has long been a topic of concern in the United States, Carolyn Gotay, a researcher at the University of British Columbia, stated that the problem is now being seen in Canada as well… Gotay states:

“People can see it in the world around them,”… “It’s not as high a percentage as what we’re seeing in the United States, but there’s similar trends happening in both of our countries and we’re definitely taking notice.”3

What does all this mean?… Beachbody is not going to run out of customers any time soon… Additionally, people normally ask, Are there too many Coaches for me to make money? The idea behind this is that there are so many Team Beachbody Coaches that there are not enough Customers to go around.

At this time, the population size of the United States is 321 million4 and Canada is just over 35 million5. Together that make 356 million people. I know what you’re thinking, most people looking to lose weight are normally between 18 and 55. Ok… Here’s how many Americans are between that age group: 159 million6. That’s about 50% of the US population, so we’ll take the same estimate for Canada (17.5 million). Now we have a total population who would buy Beachbody products, between the age of 18 and 55, at 176.5 million.

End the Trend with the Beachbody Coaching Opportunity.Wait there’s more… How many people are actually overweight? Well, according to the USA Today article, 36% of Americans were considered obese in the United States2. Using that percentage, we get a whopping 63.54 million people who are obese in the United States and Canada that need some kind of assistance to lose weight…

Yes, this is a rough estimate, but it shouldn’t be off by very much… Now consider this, there are not even 200,000 Beachbody Coaches. And to make it even less competitive for Beachbody Coaches, not everyone is trying to grow a Beachbody business. Instead, many people become Beachbody Coaches in order to save money on the Beachbody fitness programs and supplements.

In the Average Beachbody Coach Income section, we find that 69% of all Team Beachbody Coaches stay in the rank of Coach, which means the mass majority of Coaches are not fully growing their Beachbody business. Which means, there’s plenty of opportunity for those serious about building a Beachbody in home business…

Is there a Beachbody Coaching Opportunity?…. YES, YES, and YES… If anything, Beachbody Coaches will have their work cut out for them because the number of people who need our services is continuing to rise every single year!

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What’s the Average Beachbody Coach Income?

Beachbody Coach income... Start making money from your love of Beachbody's fitness programs.The most common question asked is “How much do Beachbody Coaches make?“… This is a good question to ask because you can’t get into a new career or part time job without knowing how much you’re going to get paid. Unfortunately, there is no Beachbody Coach Salary.

Instead, Beachbody Coaches are paid solely on commission at the beginning. The commission is a flat 25% for every product that is sold. The great thing about being a Beachbody Coach, however, is that any Customer that orders from you gets connected to you. Which means, any future orders your Customers makes is another commission for you.

It’s not impossible for you to be making a passive income as a Beachbody Coach when you sell popular supplements. Currently, the most in demand monthly supplement is Shakeology. Every Shakeology order is $32 in your pocket! Get several customers drinking Shakeology and you’re looking at a nice monthly income.

Besides the 25% commission, How do Beachbody Coaches make money?… Well, once you start signing up other Beachbody Coaches, you’ll start growing your business, which means more ways to earn money! As your Beachbody business grows, you can start taking advantage of:

  • The Customer Lead Program
  • Fast Start Bonuses
  • Team Cycle Bonuses
  • Matching Check Bonuses
  • Coach Connection Lead Program
  • Star Diamond Bonuses
  • Pool Bonuses
  • And much more…

There are plenty of ways for you to earn a good Beachbody Coach income… Below is the 2014 Statement of Independent Coach Coach Earnings7, which gives you a better answer to how much does a Beachbody Coach make….

Coach Rank % of All Coaches Low Earnings ($) Average Earnings ($) High Earnings ($)
Coach (retail sales) 69 0 550 20,544
Emerald 22.5 14 3,457 89,407
Ruby 1.1 859 11,159 117,893
Diamond 4.4 734 15,485 124,730
Star Diamond 3.0 3,832 79,405 2,411,214

As you can see above, there’s a huge variation of how much money you can make as a Team Beachbody Coach. There’s from $0 to over $2 million!

The chart above also tells us that the majority of Coaches, 69%, are only in the Coach ranking. This means that 69% of Coaches signed up for the Beachbody Coach discount or they never fully moved on from that initial coach ranking… I will admit right now, running your own business is not easy, which is why not every Coach is making the money they would desire.

We can see from the chart above that if you’re serious about becoming a Beach Body Coach to grow a business, then can make a very nice Beachbody Coach income. How much money you make as a Coach is entirely up to you…

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Beachbody Coach Review

After being involved as a Beachbody Coach for about 6 years now, I would like to give you an honest Beachbody Coach review. While there are several Team Beachbody Coach reviews online and I already covered the benefits of becoming a Beachbody Coach earlier, I would like to share with you the Pros and Cons of being a Beachbody Coach. This will give you a better idea of rather or not you should become a Beachbody Coach….

Beachbody Coach Review: The Pros

Beachbody Coach review - Doing what you like is freedom. Liking what you do is pure happiness.1. Freedom of Time – As a Beachbody Coach I don’t have anyone telling when I can and can’t work. If I have pressing family matters I can take off work for a few days and know that my website is still up and sharing the Beachbody products for me.

2. Easily Can Be Done Anywhere – Most people are looking for a job they can do from home, well here’s a great opportunity for you. Additionally, being a Beachbody Coach makes it easy for you to travel anywhere you want and still be able to work wherever you can get a internet connection!

3. You Get Training & Help – You are NOT ALONE as a Beachbody Coach. You’ll have access to me and I’ll help you the best I can. You’ll also have a huge library of training in your Coach Back Office that will teach you about every product, help you in setting up a successful business, and you’ll have updated resources on how to take your business to the next level.

4. You Have the Chance to Make a Little Money or a LOT of Money – As we saw in the section about the Beachbody Coach Income, people are making money with Beachbody. Yes some people make nothing or a few hundred dollars, but there are also people who are making over $2,000,000 a year… And everywhere in between. So, can you make money being a Beachbody Coach?… YES!

5. You’ll Get in the Best Shape of Your Life – Rather you simply sign up to be a Beachbody Discount Coach or are in it to build a business, you will get fit because you will be using the Beachbody products. This only makes sense because as you share with people the Beachbody products or the business opportunity, you’ll only be effective in selling if they can see that the products work for you. Think about it, would you trust someone that’s out of shape to help you lose weight? Of course not!

6. You’ll be Helping People to Live Longer and Healthier Lives – When we looked into the Beachbody Coaching opportunity, we saw that 2 out of every 3 Americans are currently obese and this will only continue to rise. Additionally, obesity is not just something we see but it’s also linked to preventable and often reversible diseases like: type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, many types of cancer, sleep apnea and other chronic illnesses. As a Beach Body Coach you’ll be helping people lose weight AND possibly reverse many ailments due to obesity.

Beachbody Coach Review: The Cons

Beachbody Coach review - In this room we don't do easy. We make easy happen through hard work and learning.1. Being a Beachbody Coach takes Time, Hard Work, & Consistency – Like any successful business, it’s going to take a lot of hard work to get things going. You’ll need time to learn about the Beachbody products and how to run your Beachbody business. As you saw earlier when we talked about how much do Beachbody Coaches make, not many people go pass the first initial ranking of being a Coach. 69% of Coaches never fully grow their Beachbody business. However, if you’re willing to work hard and believe in the Beachbody products, you’ll go far!

2. You Might Fail and NOT Make Any Money as a Beachbody Coach – Many Beachbody Coach reviews will shy away from this fact: You may fail as a Beachbody Coach and there is no Beachbody Coach salary to fall back on… This is largely commission based… Additionally, you’re working on building your own business and many businesses fail within their first year of opening up. So, the odds are against you. Beachbody and I will do our best to set you up for success but only you can determine how far you will go.

3. There is an Investment to Being a Beachbody Coach – Becoming a Beachbody Coach is like signing up for a franchise, there is a cost to it. However, entering into a franchise like McDonalds, Papa John’s Pizza, Burger King, and any other franchise will cost you over $100,000 and you’re in charge of hiring and making sure a huge business runs smoothly.

On the flip side, how much does it cost to be a Beachbody Coach?… Only an initial fee of $39.95 and then a monthly fee of only $15.95. While there is a cost to being a Team Beachbody Coach, at least you know that Beachbody takes care of inventory, fulfilling orders, taking care of returns, takes care of large scale advertising, creating new products, and much more that would cost you much, much more to do on your own…

Team Beachbody Coach Reviews

While the above was my personal Beachbody Coach review, let’s find out what a few other Beachbody Coaches are saying about the Beachbody Coaching opportunity….

Trevor Kucheran – Trevor shares how he hit rock bottom with a drug addiction and was able to change his life around as a Beachbody Coach. His story is truly amazing and it all started out by first doing Insanity!

Amy Silverman – Amy was stressed out with life. With the help of P90X and Shakeology, she was able to turn her life around with Beachbody. She worked hard as a Beachbody Coach and after a few years was able to quit her job!

Elizabeth Hartke – Elizabeth started as a Beachbody Discount Coach and refused to build a business for a long time. Over time she realized she was helping people to lose weight with Beachbody products and one day everything just clicked. It simply made sense for her to start her own Beachbody business. Elizabeth worked very hard, asking for help and learning new skills. Find out what made her become a successful Coach below…

Nicole Jones – Nicole had poor health, was a mother of two, was falling into depression, and was struggling with money. She spoke with a Beachbody Coach and was determined to become a successful Beachbody Coach. Hear her story below…

Deborah Baska – Deborah had a great paying job but felt stuck there. She dreaded going to work every single day. She had poor health and became addicted to alcohol. She had hit rock bottom and her husband encouraged her to do P90X and drink Shakeology with her. She turned her health around but didn’t start building her Beachbody business until she lost her job… She now has FREEDOM because of the Beachbody business opportunity… Check out her story below…

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Should I Become a Beachbody Coach?

Should you become a Beachbody Coach?… This is a tough question to answer because everyone is different… If you read through everything so far, you would have gone over the Beachbody Coach Benefits and the Pros & Cons of becoming a Beachbody Coach, which would give a good idea of what to do. However, here are two main reasons you may consider becoming a Beachbody Coach…

1. Become a Beachbody Discount Coach – Many people become Coaches to save money on their Shakeology order and future Beachbody orders. In 5 Ways to Buy Shakeology Cheap, I go into great detail on how becoming a Beachbody Coach is the cheapest way to buy Shakeology, even with the Coach fees. So, if you want to buy Shakeology cheap or any other Beachbody product, becoming a Beachbody Coach is a very smart decision.

2. Build a Beachbody Business – As you heard in the Beachbody Reviews above, many people didn’t become a Coach at first to build a business. Instead, they enjoyed doing a Beachbody fitness program first and signed up to save money as a Coach. However, after realizing the potential in making money as a Coach, they went full steam ahead and started building their own business. Additionally, many Beachbody Coaches noted how much fun and encouraging being a Beachbody Coach is… If you’re serious about making money and doing something you’ll enjoy, there’s great potential for you here.

Stop asking yourself, “Should I become a Beachbody Coach?”… If you fall under either of the categories above, sign up to be a Beachbody Coach NOW!

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What is the Beachbody Coach Discount?

The Beachbody Coach Discount is 25% off every single product that Beachbody has to offer. From the fitness programs to supplements and even clothing and workout gear. As a Beachbody Coach you get Beachbody products at whole sale value. You won’t find the Beachbody products cheaper anywhere else… Not Amazon, Not WalMart, Not Costco, and Not Even Ebay!

Because of the huge 25% discount, many Beachbody Customers who regularly buy Shakeology or other nutritional supplements normally become Beachbody Coaches. They do not sale any Beachbody products, instead they are considered Beachbody Discount Coaches because they’re in it for the savings.

If you want to save money on Beachbody supplements then become a Beachbody Coach… As we covered in What Does it Take to Become a Beachbody Coach?, you DO NOT need to buy or sell anything to be a Coach.

A Beachbody Discount Coach is in it for saving money on Beachbody products. You also have other options if you desire it.

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What is the Beachbody Coach Discount Shakeology?

Looking to save money on Shakeology? Find out how here: people are looking for the cheapest way to buy Shakeology because they love it so much they want to see how to save money on it every single month. One way to buy Shakeology cheap is to order with monthly auto-ship. This saves people an average of $12 to $15…

However, if you really want to save money on Shakeology, you need to sign up to become a Beachbody Coach. The Beachbody Coach Shakeology discount is 25% off. Which brings the cost of Shakeology from $129.95 to $97.46 before any additional charges like shipping and taxes. And even with the Coach monthly fees, you’ll still be buying Shakeology much cheaper than at Retail Value.

Remember, you’re not required to buy nor sell anything as a Coach… So, if you love Shakeology and want to save money, become a Beachbody Coach Today!

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How to be a Beachbody Coach: Sign Up Process

You’re pumped about the Beachbody Coaching opportunity… Rather it’s to save money or to build a Beachbody business, you’re now wondering how to be a Beachbody Coach… Well, you’re in luck I’m going to walk you through the Beachbody Coach Sign Up process…

Step 1 in Becoming a Beachbody Coach: Click on the link appropriate for your citizenship below:

Beacome a Team Beachbody Coach Today!!!

U.S. Citizens Become Beachbody Coaches Here

Canadians Become Coaches Here

United Kingdom Citizens Become Coaches Here

100% Money Back Guarantee. Enjoy being a Beachbody Coach or your Money Back!Step 2 Coach Sign Up Process: A new window will open up at the Team Beachbody site… Click on the BIG blue button that says: BECOME A COACH and then select your country of residence on the next page, if it asks.

Step 3: Create a New Team Beachbody Account by entering your information. Read and fill in everything you can. Then at the bottom click on CONTINUE MY ENROLLMENT.

Step 4: During this step is where you can become a Beachbody Coach for FREE by ordering a Beachbody Challenge Pack, which means your initial $39.95 fee will be waived. This is optional but is a great way to save money on becoming a Coach, ordering Shakeology, and ordering a fitness program of your choice. Look around and pick the Challenge Pack you desire. Once you find one you want, SELECT the fitness program you want, SELECT the Shakeology program you want, and then click on SIGN ME UP! This will take you to Step 5.

If you’re not interested in a Challenge Pack, scroll to the bottom and click on: No thanks, just sign me up!

If you don’t order a Challenge Pack, you’ll see other options to upgrade your order today, including Beachbody Fitness Programs, Shakeology and Beachbody Nutritionals, and the Team Beachbody Club. Select any upgrade you want, which is being charged with the  25% Beachbody Discount. Simply select whatever you want to order and then click on YES! UPGRADE MY ORDER…. This will take you now to Step 5.

If you do not want to upgrade your order, simply click on: No thanks, just complete my enrollment. This will now take you to Step 5.

Step 5: Complete your Beachbody Coach Sign Up… You’ll see your Order Summary, Shipping Address (can be changed here if needed), Payment Information, and then on the bottom you’ll be able to click on COMPLETE ORDER AND ENROLLMENT.

THAT’S ALL!!! Welcome to the Team Beachbody Family!

Side Note: If you’re involved with the U.S. Military in any way, Click Here to see if you qualify for the Beachbody Coach Military Wavier Program… You’ll still go through the process described above, but have some additional steps to complete.

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How to Become a Beachbody Coach for FREE

How to become a Beachbody Coach for free. Order a Beachbody Challenge Pack and the $39.95 fee is waived!A common question I get from people is: “How do I become a Beachbody Coach for FREE?” This is a great question to ask because not everyone wants to pay the $39.95 initial fee if you don’t have to.

Yes, if you don’t qualify for the Beachbody Coach Military wavier, you still need to pay the $15.95 monthly but here’s how to get the $39.95 fee waived right now…

As you go through the Team Beachbody Coach Sign Up Process, you will be asked if you want to order a Beachbody Challenge Pack. A Beachbody Challenge Pack combines a fitness program of your choice and Shakeology at a HUGE discount. Often saving you between $30 and over $100 depending on the fitness program you choose.

When order a Challenge Pack, Step 4 of the Coach Sign Up Process, you’ll not only save money but you’ll also get the $39.95 fee waived instantly! This is the only way you can become a Beachbody Coach for FREE…

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Is there a Beachbody Military Discount?

Beachbody offers a 25% Military discount. But you need to become a Coach first to get into the Beachbody Military Wavier Program.Looking for a Team Beachbody Military Discount?… This is the only Military Discount that Beachbody offers… Before you can get your Beachbody Coach Military discount of 25%, you need to become a Coach first. Additionally, both Coach fees will be waived! However, you need to be able to say YES to one of these questions:

  • Are you an Active Duty Military service member of any branch of the United States military, or the spouse or partner of any active duty military service member?
  • Are you a Reservists from any branch of the United States military?
  • Are you a United States military service members wounded in action, or the spouse or partner of a United States military service member lost or killed in action?
  • OR… Are you an honorably discharged Veteran of the United States military?

If you can say yes to any of the questions above, then you can become a Beachbody Coach for FREE… However, you will need to pay the $39.95 fee first and then, once your Military status is confirmed, the $39.95 will be refunded.

Before you enter into the Beachbody Military discount wavier program, you need to go through the Coach Sign Up Process Explained Here

Go here for more details: Beachbody Military Coach Discount: INSTANT ACCESS

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  7. Statement of Independent Coach Coach Earnings
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