Beachbody Ultimate Reset Reviews (21 DAY CLEANSE)

There are a lot of detox cleanses on the market lately… Yet, not all of them are created equally. In this Ultimate Reset review, you’re going to learn exactly what this 21 Day Cleanse can do for you.

And if you’re not ready for a full 21 day commitment, then we recommend you check out the 3 Day Refresh. The 3 Day Refresh makes use of Shakeology and a few other supplements to help you lose fat, reboot your body, and help you Jump Start your weight loss journey.

Right now, we’re going to cover the following…

Ultimate Reset Reviews: Table of Contents:

  1. What is the Ultimate Reset?
  2. Clinical Study: Ultimate Reset Results
  3. Ultimate Reset Reviews
  4. Ultimate Reset Order Options
  5. Beachbody Ultimate Reset FAQs

What is the Ultimate Reset?

21 day beachbody ultimate reset cleanse
The Beachbody Ultimate Reset Cleanse is the first ever of it’s kind to help you reset your body so you can feel, look, and be healthier.

In just 21 days, the Ultimate Reset helps your body get rid of toxins you’ve been taking in for decades. You’ll replace the processed foods you’ve been eating with healthy foods.

You’ll eat cleanly—possibly for the first time in your life—and take supplements designed to help your body remove toxins from your cells and organs.

After 21 days, you’ll truly feel reset, renewed, and restored—you’ll feel healthy, maybe for the first time since you can remember.

What the Beachbody Ultimate Reset is NOT:

  • A starvation diet. (You’ll eat three filling, healthy meals every day.)
  • An abrupt cleanse that’s hard on the body. (The supplements work together gradually to gently shift your body’s internal settings.)
  • A laxative-based, colon-focused cleanse, which fails to truly detoxify the whole body. (You won’t be running to the bathroom every hour!)

Here are the six supplements that are uniquely formulated to help restore your body to optimal health:

  • Power Greens. A combination of 6 powerful greens, including kale, spirulina, cucumber, celery, spinach and chlorella.
  • Optimize. A proprietary enzyme blend and added camu-camu, to help support nutrient absorption and bioavailability.
  • Soothe. Combines two incredible botanicals: aloe vera and turmeric, which have been traditionally used to support digestive health and the body’s response to oxidative stress.
  • Mineralize. Formulated with pink Himalayan salt, which adds natural minerals needed by the body.
  • Detox. Blends chia seed, milk thistle, turmeric, ginger and flax – ingredients traditionally used to help support healthy liver function and digestive health.
  • Revitalize. Probiotics and prebiotics which help support beneficial flora in the digestive tract.

The best part of the Ultimate Reset is that you will NOT be alone… You get the following as well with your package:

  • The Ultimate Reset Program and Nutrition Guide, which includes detailed step-by-step instructions for your 21-day Ultimate Reset journey, and a complete three-phase Ultimate Reset meal plan.
  • Unparalleled support from fellow Ultimate Reset participants, including a phase-by-phase 24/7 Support Group via Facebook.
  • Includes 90-day access to 24/7 Ultimate Reset Participant Portal.
  • Plus, you’ll be able to make the most of your program with all these advantages, exclusively for you:
    • Food preparation videos for each day’s meals.
    • Daily Reset tips, recipes, and Ultimate Reset shopping lists.
    • Personal experience from fellow participants.
    • Mobile-enabled website content.
Beachbody Ultimate Reset: Participant Portal (online tools)

Beachbody Ultimate Reset: Participant Portal (online tools)

Finally, you’ll have a 30-day Money-Back Guarantee! That’s right! If after 21 days you’re not satisfied with your Ultimate Reset results, then ask for a refund! It’s that simple it!

Reset with the Beachbody Ultimate Reset CleanseORDER THE BEACHBODY ULTIMATE RESET

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Clinical Study: Ultimate Reset Results

Journal of Chiropractic Medicine: Published Ultimate Reset Clinical Trials

Journal of Chiropractic Medicine: Published Ultimate Reset Clinical Trials (March 2013)

So the 21 Ultimate Reset looks pretty good on paper… or online. Yet, what kind of results have been scientifically documented? Great question!

Not long ago, the Ultimate Reset went through a clinical study and the results were published on March 2013 in Journal of Chiropractic Medicine. (Full text here:

Here’s the best part about the Ultimate Reset results, according to Dr. Mary Balliet:

“These results are statistically significant at p<0.05…. What does that mean?… That means you can be assured with 95% confidence that if you were to do this study, if you were to do this product, Ultimate Reset, that there’s a 95% chance that you would get the same results or very similar results.”

Here are the Clinical Study Results, the 21 Day Beachbody Ultimate Reset Cleanse is Effective for:

  • Reducing Weight
    • Decreasing fat mass
    • Increasing percent lean tissue
  • Reducing inches in waist and hip
  • Reducing cholesterol (both Total and LDL)
  • Reducing triglycerides
  • Increasing testosterone in male

Here are a few interesting charts to check out about the study…

Beachbody Ultimate Reset Results: Clinical Study Weight and Inches Lost

Over the 21 Day program, people lost an average of 8.75 pounds and over an inch in both waist and hips.

Beachbody Ultimate Reset Clinical Study Weight and Inches Lost

21 Day Ultimate Reset Cleanse: Cholesterol and Triglyceride Reduction

There was a significant reduction in cholesterol and triglycerides during the 21 day Ultimate Reset cleanse.

Beachbody Ultimate Reset Clinical Study Cholesterol and Triglyceride Reduction

Ultimate Reset Cleanse: Testosterone Increases in Men

Testosterone is a key marker for health in both men and women. Men want increased levels of natural testosterone and women want to maintain steady (and lower) testosterone levels.

As you can see from the slide below, men increased their testosterone and women maintained their levels during the 21 days of the Ultimate Reset.

Beachbody Ultimate Reset Clinical Study Testosterone Increases in Men

Ultimate Reset Cleanse: Side Effects

Worried there might be side effects from following the Ultimate Reset Cleanse? Worry not… The slide below shows the number of reported headaches, fatigue, and “no symptoms” over each phase of the Ultimate Reset.

As you can see, No Symptoms was reported the most over the 21 day cleanse. And those who reported headaches were mainly experiencing caffeine withdrawals. Reports of headaches decreased with time.

Beachbody Ultimate Reset Clinical Study Side Effects

Check out the video below for a complete walk through of the Ultimate Reset Clinical Study…

Reset with the Beachbody Ultimate Reset CleanseORDER THE BEACHBODY ULTIMATE RESET

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Ultimate Reset Reviews

Ok, ok… So the Ultimate Reset is proven to work. However, what are people actually saying about the Ultimate Reset? Flip through the following Ultimate Reset reviews to see what kind of results you can achieve…

Those were some amazing Ultimate Reset success stories! Can’t wait to hear your Ultimate Reset before and after success story… Keep reading to get the best deal on the Ultimate Reset possible!

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Ultimate Reset Order Options

The Ultimate Reset cost is $199.95 for a single kit, Order Here. However, you do have two additional options:

Ultimate Reset Dual Kit:

Ultimate Reset Dual KitGet healthier together – Do the Ultimate Reset with a spouse or friend! You can support each other and stay accountable while helping cleanse the toxins from your bodies to increase energy, lose weight, and lower cholesterol.

  • You’ll LOOK healthier . . .
  • FEEL healthier . . .
  • and BE healthier—together—with help from the Beachbody Ultimate Reset.

The Ultimate Reset Dual Kit costs $349.95. Order Your Dual Kit Here

Ultimate Rest Challenge Pack:

Ultimate Reset Challenge PackA Challenge Pack includes the Ultimate Reset and Shakeology together at a HUGE DISCOUNT. Shakeology has shown the following benefits:

  • Continuous Weight Loss Over Time*
  • Lowered Cholesterol*
  • Lowered Blood Sugar*
  • Reduced Hunger & Food Cravings**
  • Promoted Healthier Skin, Hair, and Nails**
  • Increased Energy**
  • Boosted Immune System**
  • Lowered Blood Pressure**
  • Improved Digestion & Regularity**

*Based on Clinical Studies
**Based on Shakeology reviews

Just check out the results people are getting with Shakeology below:

Now, you can save over $80 when you buy the Ultimate Reset and Shakeology together. This is an EXCLUSIVE OFFER that can’t be bought at nor The Ultimate Reset Challenge Pack price is only $275, this a steal!

Order Your Ultimate Reset Challenge Pack Here

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Beachbody Ultimate Reset FAQs

Have a few more questions about the Ultimate Reset? Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions. Hopefully there’s an answer for you. If not, feel free to contact me with questions.

Beachbody Ultimate Reset Cleanse Guarantee

Q. Which cleanse is better: Ultimate Reset, 3 Day Refresh, or the Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse?

A. As mentioned in the 3 Day Shakeology Cleanse Instructions, the Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse was never designed to be a REAL Cleanse. It’s more of a fasting cleanse where you drink Shakeology 3 times a day and have a light meal in the evening. Although it’s better than a juice cleanse because of the nutrients in Shakeology, it’s not as good as either the 3 Day Refresh or the Ultimate Reset.

If you can make the time commitment, then the Ultimate Reset is your best option. Followed by the 3 Day Refresh and then the Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse.

Q. Can I exercise during the Ultimate Reset?

A. Since you will be eating less calories than you’re used to during the Beachbody Ultimate Reset, it’s recommended that you don’t do anything strenuous. If you must do an exercise every day, stick to walking or trying out Tai Cheng. Tai Cheng is a combination of no-impact and gentle moves using a natural approach to help increase range of motion and fitness. In addition, Tai Cheng helps relieve stress, aches, and pains; strengthen core; and improve balance.

Q. Can you order the Beachbody Ultimate Rest in Canada?

A. Unfortunately the Ultimate Rest is still pending Canadian government approval at this time. If you’re from Canada and you click an order button on this site and see it available then that means you can now place an order for the Ultimate Reset.

The Ultimate Reset should be approved soon. Both Shakeology and the 3 Day Refresh had to be approved as well in the past. As well as other supplements.

Q. What’s the big deal about being published in a peer-reviewed journal, Journal of Chiropractic Medicine?

A. Being published is very important because in the world of science and research, peer-reviewed means that the study was scrutinized by others who are experts in the field before the work is allowed to be published in the journal. Therefore, being published in a peer-reviewed journal is like having a stamp that the study is valid and not an advertisement.

Q. What’s the time commitment of doing the Ultimate Reset?

A. Many people have stated that you’re exchanging workout time for cooking time because some of the meals you make will take you a little longer than you’re used. Luckily, the Ultimate Reset comes with step-by-step cooking instructions and can also order to Ultimate Reset Challenge Pack so that you can substitute Shakeology in for some meals.

Q. What are a few more benefits that people have reported with the Ultimate Reset?

A. At the end of the 21 day cleanse, people have reported the following Ultimate Reset benefits:

  • Weight Loss
  • Increased Energy
  • Improved Sleep
  • Lowered Cholesterol & Blood Pressure
  • Gotten rid of coffee and other unhealthy addictions
  • And more importantly, Gained a new self respect for their own body and health…

Become Healthier with the Beachbody Ultimate Reset CleanseORDER THE BEACHBODY ULTIMATE RESET

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