Beachbody Military Coach Discount: 2018 INSTANT ACCESS

Beachbody Military Coach DiscountThe Beachbody Military Coach Discount was first introduced in 2012. At the time, Beachbody required Active Military members to sign up using a Beachbody Military Discount Application and the discount was only available to Active Military Members.

This, however, is no longer required by Beachbody. The Beachbody Military Discount in 2017 is a much simpler process than ever before.

These are the people who can currently take advantage of the Beachbody Military Waiver Program:

  1. Active duty military service members of any branch of the United States military, or the spouse or partner of any active duty military service member.
  2. Reservists from any branch of the United States military (Including National Guard).
  3. United States military service members wounded in action, or the spouse or partner of a United States military service member lost or killed in action.
  4. Honorably discharged veterans of the United States military – please note the waiver is only applicable to the veteran who is enrolled as a Coach, and is not transferable to another family member (spouse, partner, etc.) who might also be enrolled as a Coach.

If you fall under any of the above categories, then Congratulations and Thank You for your service!… Keep reading to sign up for your Beachbody Military Discount….

Beachbody Military Discount: Step by Step Application Process

Here are the simple to follow, step-by-step instructions to sign up for the Beachbody Coach Military Wavier Program. You’re first required to become a Beachbody Coach by signing up online. This is the only way to get a 25% discount on ALL Beachbody products.

Signing Up to Become a Beachbody Coach

1. Click Here to Start the Coach Sign Up Process (a new tab will pop open)

2. Become a Coach: Once you click on the link on Step 1, you’ll be taken to a page that looks like the one below. Click on the Become a A Coach button (circled in red below).

Military Become a Beachbody Coach

3. Select Your Location: United States or Canada, then Submit. Since you’re signing up for the Military Discount, it should be United States.

Becoming a Beachbody Coach - Location

4. Account Details: On the next page you’ll be asked for a few details to start creating your Team Beachbody Account. For example: Your Email, Password, Screen Name, Your Name, Contact Number, Social Security Number, Date of Birth, Address, and so on.

Click on “Continue My Enrollment” at the bottom of the page.

New Beachbody Coach Details

5. Coach Upgrade Options: You’re now given the chance to upgrade during your Beachbody Coach sign up. When you order a Challenge Pack that includes both a workout program of your choose, Shakeology, and access to Beachbody on Demand, your one-time $39.95 Coach fee will be waived.

As a side note, those who verify their Military Status, will get their $39.95 fee refunded later.

Once you select a Challenge Pack you’ll enjoy, click “Sign me up!”. I recommend checking out the Annual All-Access Beachbody on Demand and Shakeology Challenge Pack. If you select a Challenge Pack, you’ll be directed to the Payment page, Step 7.

Or… Scroll to the bottom and click “No Thanks, just sign me up!”

Upgrade Your Beachbody Enrollment

Step 6: Further Upgrade Options. If you prefer not to order a Beachbody Challenge Pack, you have the option to further upgrade your Coach Sign Up with individual items. This includes the following:

  • Beachbody Fitness Programs
  • Shakeology and Beachbody Nutritionals
  • Team Beachbody Club

This is the perfect place to get Shakeology on Monthly Auto-ship! Simply, check mark what you want, select the item you want, and click “YES! Upgrade My Order” at the bottom of the page.

Otherwise click on “No Thanks, just complete my enrollment”.

Individual Coach Upgrades

Step 7: Complete your Beachbody Coach Sign Up. Review what you’re ordering and confirm your information. Then enter your credit card information. Scroll down to the bottom. Check the square boxes and add your digital signature.

Click on “Complete Order and Enrollment” and you’re done! You will receive an email with all your details!

Complete Coach Sign Up

Claiming Your Beachbody Military Discount

Now that you signed up as a Beachbody Coach, you can claim the Beachbody 25% Military Discount. As mentioned earlier in the instructions, you will be refunded the $39.95 initial Coach fee and all future monthly fees of $15.95 will be waived. This last step MUST be done within 31 days of becoming a Coach.

The ONLY requirement to maintain the Beachbody Military Waiver is to generate a minimum of 50 PV every 90 days. 50 PV can be obtained by buying a product or products that are worth at least $80 or even selling items worth $80. For example, Shakeology is worth 90 PV.

Now, onto verifying your Military Status….

1. Go to (this link will open a new tab). You will be logging into your Coach Back Office to download the Beachbody Military Fax Cover sheet, which is regularly updated with the latest instructions. Once at, go to the Menu on top and hover over “Coach”, a drop down menu will appear, and click on “Coach Online Office”.

Go to Team

2. Log into Coach Online Office: Enter your email and password that you used when signing up as a Beachbody Coach.

Log into Beachbody Coach Office

3. Go to Forms & Documents: You will now be in Team Beachbody Coach Office. This is where you can keep track of sales, promotions, Beachbody email, and much more. Right now, however, we need to find the Beachbody Military Fax sheet to get you the most up to date information. Go the menu above, hover over “My Business” and then click on “My Forms & Documents” from the drop down menu.

Coach Online Office

4. Print Your Beachbody Military “App”: At the “Form & Documents”, scroll down until you see “Team Beachbody® Military Waiver Cover Sheet”, click on it. This will download the PDF, simply follow the directions on the sheet to confirm your military status.

Beachbody Military Coach Application

That’s it! You now have everything you need to take advantage of the Beachbody Military Waiver Program! Remember to submit your paper work within 31 days of enrolling as a Beachbody Coach.

Side Note: These Are Approved Status Documents

When you download your Beachbody Military Waiver Form (see steps above), you’ll be asked to provide proof of your Military Status. Below are the accepted documents.

Approved Veterans Status Document

  • DD214

Approved Reservist Military Documents

  • BIR – Basic Information Report
  • Any official military document (orders or otherwise) that confirms the veteran’s current status as a reservist with any branch of the United States Military

Approved Military Active Status Documents

  • Current active duty orders
  • LES – Leave & Earnings Statement (most recent/current)
  • BIR – Basic Information Report
  • Proof of Service Letter from Personnel

Note: Military personal ID cards cannot and will not be accepted as proof of eligibility for this program.

Required Coach Information

All of the following must be included on the military active status document:

  • Military Branch
  • Applicant or spouse’s full name
  • Social Security number (SSN)*
  • Date of birth
  • Date active duty service started
  • Date active service was extended

* Include the SSN of the person enrolling as a Coach regardless of whose military status is being used.

Beachbody Military Coach Options

Beachbody Coach Military OptionsThe Beachbody Military Program allows Active & Non-Active Military personnel to become a Team Beachbody Coach for Free. As a Team Beachbody Coach you can:

  • Get a 25% discount on everything Beachbody offers
  • or Make money by growing your own Beachbody business
  • or do both.

Becoming a Beachbody Coach is the ONLY way to get a Military discount on Beachbody products like P90X, Insanity, Shakeology, 22 Minute Hard Corps, 21 Day Fix, CIZE, and everything else Beachbody has to offer.

And Don’t Worry… as a Team Beachbody Coach you’re…

  • Not required to sell anything.

The only requirement is that you need to maintain 50 PV every 90 days. That’s the same as buying at least $80 worth of product(s) from Beachbody every 90 days. Most Military Coaches order Shakeology every month, so it’s not a big deal because Shakeology is worth 90 PV.

Once Coach Relations approves your Military Coach Application, they’ll

  • Refund you the $39.95 initial Coach fee! (Unless you order a Beachbody Challenge Pack during sign up because it will be waived automatically.)
  • Waive the $15.95 monthly fee!

Feel free to contact me with any questions!

If you want to learn about being a Beachbody Coach, check out the following resource: Becoming a Beachbody Coach: What It’s REALLY ABOUT

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